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Rebecca Boone (Grant) Lemond to Lyman C. Draper, July 9, 1845
Draper Manuscripts, 22C34 
Transcribed from microfilm copy of the original document from the 
Draper Manuscripts Collection of the State Historical Society of 
Wisconsin, Madison, WI.
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Trimble County Kentucky 9th July 1845 
Dear Sir
†††††††††††††† Yours of the 10th July inquiring about the Boon family & is Just 
recevd & I hasten to give you the information you wish in condensed a 
form & as near as my recollection serves meDaniel Boone was born in 
the State of Pennsylvania in February 1735he imigrated to the State 
of N Carolina & then to Kentuckyhe had 5 Sons & 4 daughtersJames 
the oldest was killed by the Indians on his way to Keny when mooving
Israel 2d was killed at battle of the Blue LicksDaniel & Jesse died 
in MissouryNathaniel I think is yet living & was when I last heard of 
him a Colonel in the US Ranging ServisSquire Boone, the youngest 
Brother of the old Col Daniel, I have but little recollection of as he 
settled at an early period a station a little south of Louisville and 
was driven from it several times by the Indians & finally he mooved 
across the Ohio into the NW Teritory on the waters of the WaybashI 
never assertained the time of his deathI am a daughter ofold Col 
Daniel Booneís Sister Elizabeth & William Grant who was born where the 
City of Washington now stands in the year 1726.Col John Grant was my 
oldest brothermy Father went to Kentucky in the Spring of the year 
79; in the fall of that year his Son John, the Col, & sixty familys 
from N Carolina & Virginia Settled Bryants Station & the same year John 
& 10 other family settled Grants Station 10 Miles East of Lexington; in 
the summer of 80 the Indians attacked his station and killed several of 
the Familys & he abandoned the place & went back to NC & remained 5 
years & returnd and settled Grants Station 
{Draperís note inserted above line} Death of Col. John Grant {insert 
 (he died 10 of November, 1826*, in Campbell County 5 miles South of 
Cincinnati on Licking River)He represented his district in Ky in the 
Virginia Legislature before it was a State and was a member of the 
court in Kentucky & was a Military officer many yearshe was in NC 
when the battle of theBlue Licks was faughthis Brothers Grant & 
William were in that battle & served in the Campain under Col Logan and 
I might say ___ Brothers were in all most all the Indian engagements 
___ times & they were not a few†† two of my brothers, Samuel ___ killed 
in an engagement with the Indians under C__ Johnson near the mouth of 
Grants Creek North of the ___ about fifty miles below Cincinnati†† you 
asked of the caracter of the Grant & Boone familysthey were familys 
that stood first in their day in the moral State of the Countymany of 
them members of the d___ churchsThe old Boone Stock imigrated to the 
State ___ Pennsylvania with William Penn and were believ______ his 
religious tenets down to my mother who was a Friend.The above if of 
any servise is freely ___.
†††††††††††††† I am in my 72nd year of age and quit inf___ & have not the Family 
record in my reach at the ___therefore please excuse this imperfect 
Respectfully yours
Rebecca B Lemond
LC Draper Esq
PSI had liked to have forgotten the Grant side of the ___ were 
Scotch; their religion of course originally was P___.
{Draperís note}
To Lyman C. Draper
Baltimore Md
{Draperís footnote} 
*Mrs Lamondís letter, August 1845, says he died Nov. 11, 1825