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Rebecca Boone (Grant) Lemond to Lyman C. Draper, March 1844
Draper Manuscripts, 22C33 
Transcribed from microfilm copy of the original document from the 
Draper Manuscripts Collection of the State Historical Society of 
Wisconsin, Madison, WI.
Spelling and punctuation are as they appear in the original text.
Transcriber’s notes in {}
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{Draper’s note at top of page}  Rebecca Boone Lemond
March the ____ 1844   Trimble Co Ky
Colonel Daniel Boones Father came from England  near Manchester   his 
grandfather brought with him five Sons, James, Benjamin, Joseph, George 
(& Squire, which was Colonel Boones Father)  they all Settled near 
Philadelphia, they had one Sister Sarah who Married a Mr Webb; they 
were all Quakers by profession  James Boone first came to America with 
William Penn, & Some time after his Father came over with the rest of 
the Family, Squire Boone, Col Boones Father, Maried Sarah Morgan, her 
Father & General Daniel Morgans Father were Brothers  they all came 
from Wales – Squire Boone, Colonl Boones Father moved to North 
Carolina, he brought with him Seven Sons – and four Daughters – 
Jonathan, Israel, Samuel, Daniel, George, Edward & Squire.  Daniel was 
Sixteen years old when he came to Carrolina.  He Married Rebecca 
Bryant, She came from Virginia  his Sisters was Sarah Elizabeth Mary & 
Hannah , -- Sarah married John Wilcoxson – Elizabeth Married William 
Grant, his Father William came from Scotland, his Mother from Ireland 
her m Name was Margery Venner, She came to America with her Uncle Knox 
of Philadelphia, She married W. Grant & moved to Maryland near where 
now Stands the City of Washington – W. Grant junior was their only Son; 
when grown his Parents Moved to Carolina R___ County, where he Married 
Elizabeth Boone – Mary married William Bryant who was killed by the 
Indians at Bryants Station – Hannah married John Stuart
{the following appears to be in Draper’s handwriting}  (left four 
children – his widow subsequently married) {insert ends}
who was killd by the Indians, he was the only man in Kentucky with 
Uncle Daniel at that time.  After his death, Uncle Daniel was Some time 
alone, till Uncle Squire & Some more of the Neighbours came from 
Carolina – Some time after he moved to Kentucky & Settled 
Boonesborough, in coming to K’y his ouldest Son James Boone was killed 
by the Indians – after he was here Some time his eldest Daughter Jemima 
Boone – afterwards Jemima Calloway, with two of Colonal Calloways 
Daughters Elizabeth and Frances Callaway was taken by the Indians, but 
retaken on the third day.  Some time after he was taken himself by the 
indians and carryed to Chillacotha, where he remained for some time  he 
made his escape and came to Boonsborough  he found his Family was gone 
back to Carolina  he stayed till after the battle  he then returned to 
{Draper’s insert above line}  stayed 12 months – then {insert ends}
& brought his Family back and Settled Boones Station on the Northside 
of the Kent___ River after that he was taken by the Indians, that was 
the Second time he was taken but made his escape near the Blue Licks   
after that he lost his Second Son Israel Boone in the battle of the 
Blue Licks  Uncle Daniel movd from Boons Station to the mouth of
{insert above line}  Kenowha – then mouth of Sandy {insert ends}
from the to Misouri-----
               I am Mistaken in Saying that Jemima Boone and the Miss Calloways 
was taken by the indians before uncle Daniel was taken to Chillacotha, 
it was after he returned to Kentucky the second time that the girls 
were captured
{In Draper’s handwriting}  Florida Trip – Edwd Boone {Mrs. Lemond’s 
handwriting resumes}:
               Some years after Uncle Daniel was ___ he was dissatisfyed with 
Carolina, and thought he could find a better & a pleasanter Country, he 
went South to Florida
{In Draper’s handwriting, inserted above the preceding line}  Maj. John 
Fields & some five others came from Va – got Boone to join them.  This 
was Fields 2d trip to Florida -- & was while Boone had a Sugar tree, & 
prior to his first trip to Ky  
{Mrs. Lemond’s handwriting resumes}
explored the greatest part of that, and was not Pleased with that 
Country, he then turnd his cource to the west  he crossd the Mountains, 
came through what was calld at the time new Virginia  he traveld on 
west till he came to the goodly Land and the Pleasant Country of 
Kentucky – I forgot to tell you Uncle Edward was kill by the indians in 
Bourbon, the time the Indians pursud Uncle Daniel two days with there 
Blood Hounds – he made his escape by killing these Hounds & all the 
respit he got, was in waiding in the water, Some times to the chin to 
put the dogs of the trail
               Uncle Sam Boones eldest Son Thomas, was killed fiting  
{the following line is crossed out}  by the side of Israel Boone
{In Draper’s handwriting}  buckskin moccasins got wet & stopped to pull 
them off, was overtaken & killed
{Mrs. Lemond’s handwriting resumes}
at the Bluelick after ___
               Mr  Moore – I fear you cannot read my Scroll for you know a Woman 
of 70 that has gone through as much as I have must be very feeble, my 
hand trembles very much.
RB Lemond
Uncle Daniel was Born in the year 1735 in Pensylvania  he died in 
Misoura but I do not know what year