Revolutionary War - Widow's Pension Deposition (abstract)

John Lemon or Lemmon, Martha W3025, PA Line, soldier enlisted in Westmoreland County, PA and he married there to Martha, widow of William Hare or Hair, soldier and widow had married about Christmas 1791 and later moved to Scott County, Kentucky and soldier died there 2 or 4 July 1820, widow applied 14 September 1838 Scott County, Kentucky aged 79. Children were: John M. b. 19 Feb 1792, James b. 14 Feb 1794, Robert b. 1 April 1796, George b. in Apr ?yr, Ann b. Apr yr?, Martha b. in Aug yr?, (all three illegible) and Vance b. 30 Aug 1806, also Mary Hare b. 17 Feb 1787 and Jane Hare b. 20 Feb 1789; in Feb 1849 soldier's brother Robert Lemon was of Boone County, Missouri and had served with him in the Revolutionary and had also lived in Scott county, Kentucky before moving to Missouri.

Robert Lemon said he was born in 1755 in Tyrone, Ireland. Robert died in Boone Co., MO 12 July 1848. The will of his brother, John Lemon, was recorded Aug., 1822 in Scott County, KY [Will Book C. p. 393].

Marriages - Central Kentucky

Bourbon County, Kentucky
Lemon, James to Graves, Betsy 10 Apr 1793
Lemon, John to Barber, Polly 8 Jan 1817
Lemon, James to McMurtry, Isabella 23 Jul 1807

Fayette County, Kentucky
Lemmons, Ann to Long, William 20 Oct 1817
Lemon, Eliza B. to Pugh, John 13 Dec 1813
Lemon, Elizabeth to Appleton, William 14 Jan 1804
Lemon, Frances A. to Winston, Joseph 2 Dec 1818

Harrison County, Kentucky
Lemmon, Anna to Easly, William 16 July 1812
Lemmon, Catharine to Renaker, John 26 June 1817
Lemmon, Caty to Garten, Reuben 10 Jan 1805
Lemmon, Eliza to Furnish, John 14 Oct 1824
Lemmon, Elizabeth to Reynather, Adam 3 July 1795
Lemmon, Elizabeth to Davis, James 24 Aug 1826
Lemmon, Jacob to Leonard, Catharine Jan 1797
Lemmon, Jacob to McNees, Betsy 31 Jan 1799
Lemmon, Jacob to Ritter, Caty 10 Mar 1808
Lemmon, Jacob to Hutcherson, Matilda 13 Apr 1824
Lemmon, Jenny to Mattox, Edmund Oct 1799
Lemmon, John to Ritter, Sally 4 Dec 1800
Lemmon, Margaret to Conrad, Isaac Feb 1797
Lemmon, Milly to Walden, Richard 25 Nov 1827
Lemmon, Molly to Finley, George 26 Apr 1810
Lemmon, Polly to Boyers, Jacob 1 July 1795
Lemmon, Sally to Isgrig, Henry 25 Dec 1805
Lemmon, William to Adams, Jane 25 Mar 1816
Lemmons, M. to Dunn, Thos. 2 Oct 1825
Lemon, Benjamin to Chandler, Emily 1818
Lemon, George to King, Jane 24 Dec 1815
Lemon, Robert to Boyd, Polly 24 Dec 1807
Lemon, Sally to Adams, John 1818

Scott County, Kentucky
Lemon, William to Miller, Martha 17 Jan 1803
Lemon, William to Allen, Polly 6 June 1805
Lemon, Mary to Larne, Edward 24 Jan 1849
Lemon, Elizabeth N. to Offutt, Ezra N. 4 July 1836

Wills and Other Information

Fayette County, Kentucky

Grant, William , Sr. Will Book C, p. 349 18 Aug 1803 Recorded July 1804
Dau. Rebecca, wife of James Lemmon
Gr. Dau. Molly Lemmon

Maxwell, John, Sr. Will Book E, p. 63 6 May 1817 Recorded July 1819
Dau. Ann, wife of James Lemmon

Lemmon, Thomas Will Book C, p. 531 1815 Estate settlement

Scott County, Kentucky

Allen, Robert Will Book B., p. 116 16 Apr 1813 Recorded Jan 1814
Dau. Polly Lemon

Grant, Israel Will Book A, p. 12 7 Oct 17961 Recorded Oct 1796
Witnessed by James Lemon

Lambert, Daniel Will Book A, p. 207 18 Jun 1804 Rec. Aug 1804
Witnessed by Robert Lemon

Lemon, John Will Book C, p. 393 30 May 1820 Rec. Aug 1822
Sons: John, Jr., James, George
Step Daus: Maria (Mary/Polly) McCabe, Jane Mulberry
Daughter: Ann Lemon
Executor: John Lemon
Wit. John Mulberry and Charles Patterson

Due to a court house fire only portions of this will are available and the names of all the heirs do not appear in the remaining portions of the document. Various transcribers have copied the data in different ways, but my translation is based on viewing the copy currently in the court house, land deeds listing all the heirs when land ownership was resolved (Scott County, KY Deed Book Q, pp. 102-104, Oct. 22, 1840), early church records and Martha Lemon's pension request in which she names all her children.

Deed Book Q, p. 103 shows the sale to Vance Lemon by the people listed below. This 120 acre tract of land "lying in Scott County Kentucky on Main Eagle, Being the farm owned by John Lemon decd." was sold to Vance, the youngest son, by the remaining portion of John's heirs who owned partial rights to it. The sale price was $340.00 and the document lists:
George Lemon
Rachel Lemon - George's wife
James McCabe
Mary McCabe - James' wife
Joel Mulberry
Ann Mulberry - Joel's wife
William Mulberry
Jane Mulberry - William's wife
Martha Barnet
Martha Lemon


Scott County, Kentucky
Beard Cemetery Ky 32 at Davis
Lemons, Edward 1904-1979

Lemon Cemetery
Lemons Mill Road
Lemon, Joshua L. d. 14 Feb 1811 age 17

From an interview with Capt. Wilson, 1850 era - Scott County, KY "When Sam Spence was killed, there was an eclipse of the moon that evening. Old Uncle Wm Wilson and wife were in Georgetown and were coming home, and noticed the eclipse. I also noticed it.

"Andrew and John the only sons of Sam'l Spence both married daughters of old Robert Lemon, and moved to MO. Lemon moved there.

"Don't know and didn't know any other Spence than Sam Spence."

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